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Thanks to all who attended our Open House in Rancho Cucamonga on December 10th.  Along with the factory folks from Lowell, we featured the latest from EAW, Powersoft, Mackie, Rane, Martin Audio and InFocus. With food from Famous Dave's BBQ, what a great way to kick off the Holiday Season! 

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The Heritage B-15N fliptop features distinct 1964 and 1966 channels, plus Ampeg's flexible Baxandall EQ and selectable bias modes for ultimate tone control.  The PF-800 delivers the superior performance of Ampeg's Portaflex Series bass heads in an ultra-compact 800-watt design perfect for any high-power bass rig.

ProPAD and ProPAD-XL isolation pads for monitors, ProMAX Panels are a portable lightweight absorption treatment for recording and performance applications.  Also shown were Studiofoam T with a unique and modern aesthetic, and HoverMat, a slip resistant drummers' rug that improves acoustical isolation and clarifies tone.  Click Here for details.

Avalon Series by EAWThe next generation Avalon series represent a radical departure from all previous dance club loudspeaker systems, putting cutting-edge acoustical technology in a package that appeals to the design-conscious dance club market. The industrial design turns the loudspeaker inside-out, mounting the exposed mid/high horn in front of the grille. And the concave grille – sculpted in clean, straight lines – expresses the bilateral symmetry that unifies the design. The Avalon series include the CLUB.two and CLUB.three. Each is a three-way system using a horn-loaded, ultra-efficient, coaxial mid/high compression driver. The CLUB.two includes four 12-in LF cone transducers mounted in a vertically and horizontally symmetrical pattern and axially aligned with the mid/high section. The CLUB.three uses a single, ferociously powerful 15-in LF cone mounted in a triaxial configuration behind the mid/high section. Click Here for more info.

SAMs (Smart Active Monitors) are Genelec active audio monitoring systems that also have the capability and intelligence enabling them to adapt automatically and flexibly to their acoustical environments through a set of proprietary tools.  Click Here for additional info. 

DL806 8-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control. Building on the popularity of the DL1608, the new DL806 delivers all the digital goodness and wireless control that the DL Series is known for in a mixer with a channel count that's perfect for smaller utility applications.  The all-new Mackie DL806 and the first showing of DLM Series Powered Loudspeakers at Winter NAMM, Mackie proudly presents a new technology-packed live sound solution – the DL/DLM System.

Martinf Audio has a long history of manufacturing high performance point source and array-able speaker solutions. In the past year Martin has introduced MLA and now MLA-Compact. These new products look like line arrays and hang like line arrays but with virtually every speaker component having its own on-board amplifier and DSP channel, the system actually offers the first true departure from conventional line array theory in decades. Click here to find out more.

Powersoft is THE WORLD LEADER in power amplifier technology. When you first look at a Powersoft amp you think, ‘Cool only 1U tall’. Then you look at the specs and think ‘9000 Watts into 2 Ohms X2 in 1U, WOW!’ Then you look at the 94% efficiency and imagine how much power you can get into that old amp rack with existing distro. while reducing your thermal and carbon foot print. And then you listen. So many people have said to us, ‘I never knew that amplifiers made such a difference in the way a system sounds’. Click here to find out more.SL AI series

StudioLive AI series Active Integration Loudspeakers, Sceptre CoActual and Eris series studio monitors, the StudioLive 32.4.2AI digital mixing system, and the PRM1 RTA measurement microphone!  In addition, a major update to Capture 2.0 live recording software is now available. 

Rane's HAL1x and three new 1U expansion products, the EXP1x, EXP3x, & EXP5x, go where no DSP has gone before. The new Expansion Bus between these products now supports 512 inputs and 512 outputs – expanding the number and size of supported applications exponentially. Daisy-chain up to 32 Expanders in any order. Latency of a single EXP hop is only 750 nanoseconds, thus the latency across 32 devices is only 22.4 microseconds.  Click Here for more info.  Rane also announced Halogen 2.0 software.  All shippable April 2013. 

Switchcraft® SC702 Series Stereo A/V Direct Boxes convert the outputs of equipment such as MP3 players, laptops and DJ mixers to balanced, mic level signals that can be connected to audio consoles, mic preamps and house sound systems. Two fully shielded isolation transformers galvanically isolate input and output connections, creating a pair of ultra-clean audio signals immune from hum and buzz caused by ground loops and RF interference.  Click here for more info. 

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